Pillar Procedure

Since 2002, The Pillar Procedure has proven to be the least invasive, effective treatment for snoring. Studies show 90% of bed partners were satisfied with the results of The Pillar Procedure three years later. This simple, effective treatment is demonstrated in this video.

During the procedure, at least three implants are placed in the soft palate. The fluttering of the soft palate is the primary source of most people’s snoring. Stiffening the soft palate effectively reduces the amount of soft tissue over which air can flow.

Post procedure patients take an antibiotic and usually need no more than over the counter pain medication. Most patients resume a normal diet the same day.

Pillars are made from Dacron, a suture used in surgical procedures, like heart valves, for over 50 years. Pillars do not affect the patient’s voice or speech. Over 8 to 10 weeks, the Pillars stiffen the soft palate, reducing snoring as seen in this MRI video.

Are you tired of being tired?

Schedule your consult with Dr. Pinczower today. Dr. Pinczower is one of the top snoring and sleep apnea physicians in the Northwest and has by far the most extensive experience with Pillar implants! Dr. Pinczower is the physician in the Northwest to determine if The Pillar Procedure is right for you.