Sleeping too long?

Impossible say my teenagers! But in actuality excessive sleep is frequently fragmented and un-refreshing. If you nap, early afternoon is best. If you feel unrested after 8 hours plus of sleep you may in high likelihood have sleep apnea.

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Does Snoring Break up Relationships?

It is difficult to know for sure if snoring can break up a relationship.   Certainly it can cause stress if both partners are getting suboptimal sleep.  A recent study regarding German couples done at the University of Vienna suggests that if snoring is disruptive to a partner the relationship will have a better chance of surviving if the couple sleeps in separate rooms.   I would suggest taking care of the snoring is a better alternative!!!


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Sleep and Exercise

Exercise and sleep quality are heavily inter-related. People who exercise regularly consistently demonstrate better quality, more restful sleep. In addition, weight loss associated with exercise will have a positive effect on both obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. That said, one should avoid vigorous exercise immediately before retiring as it may impede one’s ability to fall asleep. Sexual activity is an exception.

A great regular exercise program is the CROSSFIT system. I myself am a huge fan of CROSSFIT and a member of Kirkland Crossfit. Check them out at www.kirklandcrossfit.com

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Sleep Hygiene – Sleep Optimization

Sleep hygiene is the term used to describe what we can do to optimize our quality of sleep. Consider hygienic sleep as sleep optimization.

The next few blog entries will focus on sleep hygiene issues.

#1. Make sure your life has adequate time for sleep! Most adults require 7-8 hours of sleep. Kids require more and teenagers… well they never seem to get enough!

#2. Try and make your sleep schedule regular. Not late to bed and late to wake one night and early to bed early to wake the next. This can be a challenge for swing shift and night workers. We all have biologic clocks and they function better with regular schedules.

More to come…